Pros and Cons of steroid use

Steroids, which are technically called “anabolic steroids,” are taken by the sports enthusiast to improve the protein levels within cells, more particularly, in the skeletal muscles. Several people who are regular users of HGH Pfizer Genotropin Cartouche 12mg are asking me regarding the effects of steroids on our bodies. To them, the first thing I would say is that the type we use matters. The next thing that matters here is the amount you take. To make things easier for you, I will explain the pros and cons of steroid use here. So, continue reading…

Pros of Steroid Use:
Steroids, when taken under a doctor’s supervision, just as I do, could have positive results for you. Personally, for me, the steroid that I use improved my health and well-being to a great extent. Being a sports enthusiast, my primary aim was to improve my lean muscle mass. With my steroid, I was able to achieve my dream frame easier than I thought. In addition, I was able to pack on muscle more quickly than my fellow sports enthusiasts. Thus, my steroid use helped me build up my confidence levels, thereby, improving my performance.

Above all, my recovery time was cut in half after I started using the steroid. After I started concentrating on my sports activities, I happened to notice that my sexual activity had declined considerably. This will be a worrying factor to every male out there. But, my steroid intake helped increase my libido. Thus, my problem was solved.
Medically, steroids are given for several other health conditions today. For instance, due to their muscle building characteristics, they are being prescribed for AIDS patients, who would often experience muscle wasting. In addition, we also see doctors prescribing steroids for males with delayed puberty.

Cons of Steroid Use:
For years, steroid use among sports enthusiasts was found to be creating controversies. The major reason for this is that steroid use can cause feelings of aggression in the person taking the steroids. If you flip the pages of steroid history, you can understand that there are several documented cases to prove this. Not only this, I have personally seen several people who use steroids experience long-term, negative side effects. Yes, several people have gotten a condition called testicular shrinkage, which means smaller testicles.
In addition to that, some men will develop their breasts. Yes, of course, this can be considered a positive thing. But, for me, I would say it’s a negative side effect for men. With uncontrolled usage, men can end up with reduced sperm count and even infertility after regularly using steroids for some time. My friends have shared their experiences with painful erections with steroid use.

Apart from these issues, some medical experts claim that excessive use of steroids could lead to liver damage. In some men, the gland that synthesizes testosterone may stop working because of the artificial intake. Above all, improper usage can even cause the death of the person. So, a point to be remembered here is that steroids should be used only under supervision. Without this, it’s considered to be illegal.

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