TOP 5 Natural Bodybuilding supplements

Natural bodybuilders are often confused and are always asking about, what supplements do they need to involve in their day to day life which can naturally help them achieve their fitness goals without risking their body ? 

Well, natural bodybuilders who prefer to stay natty and natural in the long run of fitness need to consider these 5 supplements for greater benifits. 

Here is the list of TOP 5 NATURAL BODYBUILDING SUPPLEMENTS that builds your muscle naturally and helps keep it maintained and none of them are steroid.


- For intra workout muscle gain we recommend branched chain amino acid. Bcaa refers to three amino acids leucine, ico leucine and valine . It promoted protein synthesis and muscle growth and is one of the favourite supplements of natural bodybuilders. Bcaa supplements comes in two forms, pills as well as powder. 
Go for the powder one, don't buy the capsules and taking them before bed is pointless, just take the powder during training. There are many great brands out there for example   core ABC,  amino last by Gaspari etc. in the stores you can buy whichever suits you.


CREATINE -  Creatine is one of the most researched supplement out there. This is definitely the one you should be considering investing in. Creatine is not a steroid, it's not going to give you huge muscles by taking it, basically all it does is it's going to give you more strength and power in the gym which will help your performance and hopefully will get you more muscles for the long run, but just by taking it you're not going to get muscles obviously. So, throw on that out there just a little disclaimer.

WHEY PROTEIN - Something that helps you gaining the daily protein which a lot of people are having trouble with. Consuming enough protein is key if you wanna stay healthy let alone reach your fitness goals. It helps in protein synthesis ( which is muscle growth basically ) and also helps you improve your strength gains. On average if you are trying to

maintain your physique you only need about 1 gram of protein per lean pound of body weight. (lean weight = total weight - fat weight ). But remember guys, vitamins and minerals are crucial to help with the absorption of protein carbs and fat. Its all about filling in the gaps not using these products as a solution if you have a junk diet plan.


- If you are not eating enough fruits and veggies which none of us do, very few of us. Multivitamins are really good at getting nutrients in your system. The primary goal of a multivitamin in a natural bodybuilders diet is to support healthy
immune system, promote metabolism efficiency in the body and to support bone and tissue health in all. For  beginner Indians we recommend  Revital. Its a good multivitamin and cheaply available on any chemist shop. For some experienced natural bodybuilders we recommend 

FISH OIL -  Fish Oil contains heart healthy  Omega 3 fatty acids. Its is Very high EPA and DHA content and is cheaply available in the stores.
If you take it two a day it gives you over a gram of EPA and DHA which is what we are aiming for an beginner natural bodybuilder


  1. "Bcaa refers to three amino acids leucine, ico leucine and valine . It promoted protein synthesis and muscle growth and is one of the favourite supplements of natural bodybuilders." I agree with these words but without you cannot make a beautiful body.

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