Rana Daggubati Workout and Diet Plan for Baahubali 2

Rana Daggubati Workout and Diet Plan for Baahubali 2
Rana Daggubati is a popular actor from south Indian industry Tollywood . After the huge success of the movie Baahubali, he has worked really hard to make his name in the film industry and the hard work pays off. 
Rana Daggubati Workout and Diet Plan for Baahubali 2

He is very serious about his fitness and lets nothing come in between him and his goals. He has a remarkable self restrain and has shed a lot of sweat for his success. Rana Daggubati is all natural and is trained by a 25 yr old second place holder in Mr. India  Laxman. 

Lets find out his routine and his diet plan.  


Rana Daggubati wakes up at 6 in the morning and works out twice in a day.
He prefers working out empty stomach.
Rana Daggubati's workout pattern is in such a way that he does abs almost daily and works out two types of muscles in a day, 1 small for ex. triceps and 1 big muscle for ex chest. 

Rana Daggubati Workout and Diet Plan for Baahubali 2

A sample workout would be like 

Monday -  Chest+Triceps

For Chest

  • Flat Bench press -  10 reps, 3 sets
  • Incline Bench press  -  10 reps, 3 sets
  • Decline bench press  -  10 reps, 3 sets
  • Chest fly 10 reps, -  10 reps, 3 sets

For Triceps

  • Dumbbell overhead press  -  10 reps, 3 sets
  • Triceps pushdown   -  10 reps, 3 sets
  • Close grip bench press  -  10 reps, 3 sets
  • Skullcrusher 10 reps  -  10 reps, 3 sets


Rana Daggubati's diet plan for baahubali is like every other fitness lover. 

BREAKFAST - His breakfast is the heaviest as it should be with  egg proteins, carbs and salads. He doesn't cheat on his meals and is generally very addicted to healthy food. 

LUNCH- After breakfast his next meal is lunch in which he prefers to eat fish and green salads. 

SNACKS- After lunch he eats fruits like banana and almonds for snacks and mini meals.

DINNER - For dinner he prefers lentils and milk for protein and fast recovery.

Rana Daggubati Workout and Diet Plan for Baahubali 2

He is a big time non-veg food lover and natural bodybuilder. He doesn't take any harmful synthetic steroids such a testosterone or any sort of HGH.


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