Form vs Heavy Weights - Natural Bodybuilding PRO TIP 1

There is a big misconception now a days, people think that actually lifting heavy is what builds the muscle. Some people forget that your form is also an important factor that helps people put on muscle. The other importance of form is that, if your form is correct then it will most likely pump your muscles correctly. 

Everyone basically start from the bottom and from there they build their way up, so many beginners forget that. The reason why they seem to forget is because their ego is what brought them to the gym. Well guys let me tell you, if you are a beginner start with lifting light weights. More importantly GET YOU FORM RIGHT! If you want to be a cross fitter go train in the park like every other cross fitter!

How do you know if your form is right or not? 
Well it’s super easy, it does not require rocket science for anyone to understand it. If you are getting pump in your muscle then you know you are performing the correct of the exercise. 

Don’t be afraid to lift light weights, just use them to correct your form and build it up from there. Let me get this straight, If you are lifting heavy weights with shit form of the exercise. You are not a bodybuilder, you are a god damn show off and let me remind you that there are a lot of chances of injuries when this happens. 

Every bodybuilder hates those cross fitter dudes because they have no idea what they are doing. If you are ashamed of lifting light weights then don’t go to the gym during the peak hours. Go to the gym when it doesn’t have lot of crowd. If you start from light weights you will build your way up to heavy weight. The journey might be long, but you will get there if you put in your time and efforts in training.

 Don’t let your ego pick your weight, choose your weights wisely so that your form is correct. If you have bad form with heavy weight everyone else in the gym will be laughing at you. Just like I laugh at those people lifting heavy and with shit form.

Basically start from the light weights, build your way up to theheavy weights. The gains will start coming but just get your form right. Remember even the Olympian bodybuilders started from the light weights. Even they started where you just started they didn’t just go lift those heavy weights. They were disciplined and they knew that everyone starts from the bottom. 

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