Brown Egg vs White Egg : Which one is better ?

In India and several other countries, a lot people believe that the brown egg is more nutritious than the white egg and contains more protein and other vitamins as compared to the white egg.
Even i used to believe that until I myself started a little research on it and I am not surprised by what I found and i have decided to enlighten you guys about the real difference between white egg and brown egg. 

So, the truth is out and there is no real difference between the white eggs and brown eggs other than the color of the shell of course.  

Is there any difference in the nutrition content of the egg ?

The truth is, there is no real difference in both, they both are the same on the inside and carry the same amount of caloric intake which is around 6g of protein, 5g fat, 0 carbs, 75 mg sodium, vitamin D, omegas etc which sums up to around 70 calories. 

Why the Color Difference ?

The color difference varies due to the difference in the breed of the chicken. Only difference about them is due to the color of the chicken its coming from. Brown chicken lays brown egg and white chicken lays white eggs.

Although the brown egg is more expensive than the white egg it doesn't necessarily mean its more nutritious. So please stop buying the expensive brown eggs and go for white instead.

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