Varinder Ghuman - Biggest Natural Bodybuilder From India

Varinder Singh is 42 year professional bodybuilder and an actor. He lives in jalandhar, Punjab, India where he owns and runs his own personal health club. 

Varinder singh ghuman has always been on natural diet and never used any kind of steroid supplement in his life. His diet mostly includes green veggies, dairy products such as milk and curd as he is a devout vegetarian and has never eaten or touched any sort of meat or even eggs in his life.

The first bodybuilder from India to hold an IFBB pro card.

Though there are other popular bodybuilders in India such as Sangram chougle, Mukesh Gahlot (Guru ji ), Suhas Kumar and many more but he stands out as he is the biggest natural bodybuilder among them all, his height is 6"3' and he weighs 300 lbs ( 136 kgs).

He is one of the most popular natural bodybuilder from India and is worldwide known to be the first bodybuilder in the world who is a vegetarian and 100% natural 

He has won Mr India 2009 and Stood second in the competition for Mr Asia, Apart from bodybuilding he also has a great interest and passion for acting. He has been into several commercials and Punjabi Movies such as Roar and Kabbadi once again.


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