Most important meal of the day

most important meal of the day


In our busy mornings we often forget the importance of our breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because, first it is the very first meal of the day after seven to eight hours gap. Breakfast basically means breaking fasting period of the prior night, second it provides our body fuel in form of energy to work whole day with good mind. 

Not only having breakfast at the right time is sufficient enough, right choice of breakfast matter most as on type of breakfast it depends whether you will burn your calories and fat or you will put them up.

Breakfast should contain right quantity of carbohydrate, proteins and fibre

  • For carbohydrate you can include beaten rice ( poha ), upma (south indian breakfast).
  • Sprouts contain high source of protein or yogurt can also be included it contains protein equal to meat, so if you are vegetarien then you can opt for yogurt in breakfast as part.  
  • For fibre you can opt whole grain bread instead of white bread as whole grain bread contains fibre and it is good source of energy.

Apart from 
these you can include egg white, it contains nutrients, egg contains about 52 grams calories but your workout and activities of the day burn them out, fruits or fruit juice as per your choice as every fruit carries their own goodness. So to reduce your weight without any compromise with balanced diet food you can have a glass of fruit juice or a fruit, three to four egg whites and a slice of whole grain bread.


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