Top 5 Bicep exercises for peak and mass

Top 5 Bicep exercises for peak and massBicep is the muscle group on the menu today so I am gonna show you top 5 of the best bicep peeking and mass exercises. For an aesthetic body you need to have a well defined and shredded bicep.
So, here are the top 5 bicep exercise for getting that peak and building the mass.

Lets get started on the first bicep exercise

1.Seated dumbbell curls 

Top 5 Bicep exercises for peak and mass Probably one of my favourite bicep exercise although it doesn't necessarily focuses on the peak its a great overall exercise for biceps especially for the mass. The reason why I like it is it keeps such a strict range of motion and doesn't let you swing your arms. So sit up right, slow the tempo down and feel the muscle work 2-4 sets 12 reps each,  don't go too heavy and focus on the movement. Work both arms together and keep yourself up right don't let yourself swing.

2. Single arm preacher curl

Top 5 Bicep exercises for peak and mass
Single arm preacher curl is another one of the best exercises, it is for the peak. The magical thing about this exercise is it keeps you on a very strict range of motion which really means all that movement (Contraction and relaxation ) originates from that bicep and really peaks up at the top
Top 5 Bicep exercises for peak and massyou can also assist yourself to make the best out of the set. Also while doing the exercise don't go all the way down, don't open you arm fully just open it to the right extent.

3. Incline dumbbell alternate curls + Barbell curls

Top 5 Bicep exercises for peak and mass
This is a very important exercise. In fact this is a duo of thee Incline dumbbell curl and barbell curls. I chose Incline alternate dumbbell curls because of extreme range of motion allows you to activate all of your muscle fibers which results in targeting  and isolating the muscle entirely and hence you end up building more muscle. 

Top 5 Bicep exercises for peak and massIn incline position the movement remains isolated and there is no cheating because of the strict position

Top 5 Bicep exercises for peak and mass
If you go with lightweight it wont make your bicep big, what it does is activates the muscles fibers and that's where the barbell curls come into play. Do 3 heavy sets of Barbell curls and you'll be amazed by the massive results.

4. Concentration curl

Top 5 Bicep exercises for peak and massThe bicep concentration curl have become such an under rated exercise often done with the machines cables other movements taking place but this truly is a staple in any bicep workout regardless of whether you are trying to build that peak or not. Its hard to cheat this exercise, some tips for doing this exercise, don't angle the arm too far in or out just keep the elbow right on the inside. Now curl the dumbbell up towards your chest, get as high as you can without swinging way too high if you need to lower the weight down do it its isn't about your ego, its about how practically you are training that bicep. flex that muscle hard, hold and dominate the bicep workout.

5. High cable curl

Top 5 Bicep exercises for peak and mass
So this is the last exercise on our list of top 5 bicep exercises. The high cable curl is a  great bicep exercise to finish the bicep workout.The exercise gives you a full stretch in the biceps which really feels good. The variation in the cable height  has different impact on the bicep muscle accordingly, so don't don't set the cable height just to the normal height and complete the workout.

So these were the top 5 bicep exercises that you must include in your workout routine. If you have any questions to be answered or suggestions, you can write them below in the comment section and we will be happy to answer them.
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