Natural bodybuilding vs steroids

Natural bodybuilding vs steroids

I am sure by now you must have become very familiar with the word natural bodybuilding. In this post about natural bodybuilding vs steroids I would like to enlighten you people about the difference between both of them. Natural bodybuilding involves sculpting not by shortcuts such as steroids but by eating all the naturally available food by the nature. Synthetic drugs can make you bigger for sure but they have their own side effects and cannot be taken for a longer period  as they can damage you body in several ways and are proven to have their own side effects also they will create muscles which will be more like temporary not permanent unless you permanently include them into your lifestyle.

Natural bodybuilding vs steroids

Sculpt a body that stays 

Of course you can take protein powders and other supplement that enhance your performance and somewhat help you with your natural bodybuilding diet in increasing your potential as they don't have huge side effects and they are not synthetic to that very extent. 

But I'd say let's rest the protein powders when you have all the protein available by natural occurring foods that are available naturally.

Natural bodybuilding vs steroids For example One can complete his protein requirement by eating food that has high protein content such as a fish ? Meat ? Beef maybe or if you are a pure veg then how about broccoli ? Soy bean ? beans ?  right ? go for these instead of going for protein powders. Go for milk as it contains casein instead of going for casein powders. Eat brown rice or before going to the gym instead of a pre -workout. You have it all but still you choose to build your body with the help of synthetic foods instead of naturally occurring pure food.

Here for an example. look at the one of the most aesthetic bodybuilder from the 70's bodybuilding. His name is Frank Zane and he has won Mr olympia title too. He took care of his body in a great way by controlling his diet. He looks like Greek god and his body is very impressing and lean. So if you want too look like him then eat natural otherwise you will end up looking like the great Ronnie coleman. I am not saying that he is bad, he is one of the most greatest bodybuilder in the bodybuilding history. What I am just saying is he doesn't look pleasing to me, the element that makes a person looks good and attractive is lost somewhere While in the pursuit of getting bigger and bigger. I am sure you feel the same.

In the end I would like to say that no matter how much difficult it gets to transform your body make sure you don't get into shortcuts. Keep up the hard work and diet and you'll reach you goal in no time. 

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