Zyzz Vs Jeff Seid : Who is more aesthetic ?

Hello everyone

I wanted to make this comparison post since very long but I couldn't as I was very busy in several other things.

So this is my first comparison post on the blog website and I will be as fair as possible. But ofcourse this post will have all my views and what I think of each of them from my point of view. Everyone is welcome to present their own views in the comment section.

So most of you must be aware of Aziz shaversian also known as "ZYZZ", if not then let me tell you that this guys is freaking awesome. People are crazy about him, and the way he lives his life. In Earlier life Aziz shaversian was a skinny guy who later joined his elder brother to the gym and After a few years of hard working and dedication he turned his body very aesthetic and muscular, Everything was in fair proportions. He never admitted of taking steroids and always claimed that his body was natural and was a genetic gift.

Whereas Jeff seid's parents had jeff seid into sports from very early stages of life. I don't have much information about jeff seid but as far as I know this guy is very aesthetic and has a huge fan following, especially now after since he appeared in the men's physique competitor. Jeff was too a skinny guys in earlier stages of life and soon worked hard to get a admirable aesthetic body. Has done modelling and spent days in several gyms as a fitness consultant and trainer.

Now I won't go into too much detail about their body stats or lifting stats. I would simply conclude that Zyzz was much better in many ways 'according to me' as compared to jeff. Why I choose zyzz over Jeff  is because I felt that apart from being shredded as ' fuarkkkkk" Zyzz is instantly inspiring, he had an aura about him. Check out his youtube videos, he was full of life he inspired the whole generation with his transformation and Greek god aesthetics. Look at both of their pictures..Jeffs pics are filtered and high quality while Zyzz's are straight from a flip phone and still looks better. The picture of Jeff looks like it's quite recent while the Zyzz picture is still when he was in his earlier stages of bodybuilding.
What is truly godlike about Zyzz are his proportions..

Now I don't want to tear too hard on this Jeff guy, he has got a really good physique, insane genetics and I have nothing against him but to me he looks like a Miami Beach boy who's a Zyzz wannabe while Zyzz on the other hand, looks like a Greek God. Perfect Aesthetics plus he had way more charisma. Jeff has interior-ly rotated shoulders, bad posture, aesthetics is perfect posture and proportions/symmetry.

Some Final words ......Zyzz was funny as fuark, popularized 'aesthetics' and created his own look. He built a huge following and will be remembered a long time after Jeff Seid.

Somebody will come along with better aesthetics. Bigger, leaner, stronger. But They still won't be Zyzz.

Son of Zeus, brother of Hercules and father of aesthetics. Forever mirin brah.


  1. I'd say that Zyzz "was" more aesthetic

  2. LoL fucking stupid everywhere jeff seid is far better than zyzz u didn't compare their stats becoz u know jeff seid is best

  3. this article is horrible lol, you said zyzzs pic was from a flip phone LOL, there was i phones and shit when he died. you literally wasted 5 paragraphs doing a "comparison" but didn't compare anything. you just introduced them both and chose one, but didn't even do enough research to introduce them properly or compare them properly.

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