Indian Veg Diet plan for Bodybuilding

Indian Veg Diet plan for Bodybuilding

FOOD IS PARAMOUNT : Supplements won't make you big alone. The whole diet counts ! If you rely solely on the supplements then it won't get you anywhere as the diet is the main key to success. Diet counts as much as the training, I tell you !

So, this diet plan right here  is for the people out there who doesn't eat meat or any sort of flesh for reaching their daily protein requirements and are just dependent on the veg food. 

In this diet plan the ratios will be kept Ideally at  40% Proteins, 40% Carbohydrates and 20% Fats as any other balanced diet and can be followed by any ectomorph (Skinny) body type person.

(Note :  If your body type is endomorph or mesomorph , you'll have to cut down fats by 10% or 5% accordingly.)


Meal 1 ( Wake up time )
-An apple 
-A protein shake 

Meal 2 ( Breakfast )
-A bowl of Oats  
-4 toasts of peanut butter

Meal 3 ( Afternoon or mid morning )
-Sprouts and almonds

Meal 4 ( Lunch )
- Chapattis made from wheat/bajra/jowar with dal and Green salad and curd
-Veg Brwon rice with curd.

Meal 5 ( Pre workout )
- 2 Bananas or an apple

Meal 6 ( Post workout )
- Protein shake with mix veg salad ( including broccoli )

Meal 7 ( Dinner ) 
Same as lunch

 Note : 

*If you workout in the morning, then the morning protein shake will be taken after the workout and everything will remain the same.  
*People who are not onto supplementation can have a banana shake instead of the protein shake.Twice a day.
* Take Dinner at least one hour before going to bed.
*You can include multivitamins and sea cod.


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  5. Thks for the diet.. I m a fitness freak guy. I do weight training..Instead of having oats N peanut butter I do take cottage cheese after workout and before going to bed.

    So shall I go for what its been suggested out here or shall i continue with cottage cheese.I want to build up muscles. I dont take any supplements..
    Pls reply...on

    Thks a Ton..

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