Bodybuilding diet for abs muscles

Along with an effective abdominal workout that includes exercises that target all areas of your midsection from crunches to leg raises. This is a diet plan for getting a healthy pair of core muscles. This diet will also help you torch the abdominal fat in a natural way without including any performance supplements.



 · 40 gms of muesli
 · 5-6 egg whites
 · 250 ml milk approx 1 glass
 · 10 almonds/ badam

Mid morning(11:30):

·  Fish 100 gms
·  An apple


· 1 bowl dal + 2  chapatti
  with 1 plate green salad 

Snacks(~ 4:00):

· Peanut butter (~two table spoon) 

Pre workout:

 · 100 gms of sweet potato
   or a banana

Post workout:

· 5 boiled egg whites
and a glass of fresh juice

Dinner(or after 1.1/2 hrs of workout ) :

· Chicken 250 gms + 10 almonds / badam


· Don’t be empty stomach
· Dinner should be 2 hrs. before bed time
· You can take fish oil(sea cod) 2 tablets a day(any time)
· Supplements are not included in the diet plan, consult your trainer according to your goals.

This is a performance diet
Follow the diet regularly and as stated by the trainer, do not eat more or
less, than guided


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  2. What is: 1 bowl dal + 2 chapatti???

  3. Chapatti is an unleavened flat bread made up of wheat flour (also known as roti ) and Daal is a thick, spicy lentil stew. A mainstay of Indian cuisine. Here is the recipe for preparing it

  4. This is easy but effective. I have set this into plan also. I am sure I will get good result from this. I want to share this information

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