300 rise of an empire sullivan stapleton workout routine

300 rise of an empire sullivan stapleton workout routine

This is a guide to getting ripped like the star cast the the movie 300 rise of the empire.

Most of us will spend the few hours wishing we were the type of shape that the guys in the movie are in. Well wish no more my friend for we have the answer!
But it’s a lot of working out and eating right, what to do in the workout is key.

Ever heard the terms “metabolic conditioning” or “metcon?”

Metcon training is a hot term in the film industry right now, with coaches and trainers from various disciplines putting clients through the grueling paces of YouTube-worthy sweat sessions. But as with any workout protocol, success lies as much in the programming as it does the effort. Metabolic conditioning should be difficult but “tough workout” isn’t the lone classifier.

So here are the exercises 

First start with lighter weights, or with less reps (10 on each exercise, moving up to 20, and so on) until you think you’re ready for 50, depending on your level of fitness.

The full circuit is as follows - 
*25 pull ups
*50 deadlifts (20kg on each side of the bar)
*50 press ups
*50 box jumps
*50 floor wipers
*25 kettle bell at 16kg clean and press on each arm – 50 total
*25 pull ups

That's it. Have a great day and stay updated for more celebrity workouts and fitness articles from aesthetic bodybuilding !


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