Best bodybuilding tips for Beginners


best bodybuilding tipsFirst things first ! Never ever skip your workouts! Especially when you’re a beginner! The fact is, when you are new at bodybuildng, your body starts to gain new muscles and that too within a very less time and continues to grow as long as you are punctual and not skipping any days to the gym ! Skipping workouts breaks this rhythm and hence the growth itself and the results will be disappointing and at the end you’ll be unwilling to go to the gym. So, the solution I come up as a best remedy is, get a PARTNER with whom you can go to the gym and workout together. It will keep you occupied and will help you to stick to the schedule.


best bodybuilding tips eat dietIt is said that bodybuilding is 60% what your workout and 50%  what you eat , yes that makes 110% and that’s exactly what you’ll have to give it not just 100%. So the point is, no matter how hard you workout in the gym, lift heavy dumbbells and run like hell (in case of shredding) that won‘t single handedly build up your body if you’re not taking your meals properly! Diet is as important as lifting weights in the gym to build up muscles. Here are few tips for a beginner to see maximum results within minimum time

  •  Take 6 to 7 meals a day
  • Morning meal should be the heaviest and carbohydrate rich and the meal taken before bed should be light.
  •  Drink lots of fluids!! (avoid alcoholic and soda drinks of course)
  • Eat clean food with high protein content
  • Do not be empty stomach.

best bodybuilding tips posture I know when you read this term, you must be thinking about the same boring tips everyone gives you about bodybuilding. But ! my friend, if you pay attention and understand this important term  and go a lil more deeply into it you’ll understand how much worth it has got in everyday workout. Everyone wants to lift heavy weights, that’s okay !  but that doesn’t  mean you’ll risk your posture for it. Rookie/beginners bodybuilders ignore the fact and jumps to heavy weights and aren't able to perform the exercise in the right manner as they should be performed and hence, gets injured or cannot get the best out of them. So, some benefits of maintaining a correct posture and doing the exercise in the right manner are that one can avoid injuries, exercising in right manner can help one self in concentrating on the specific part they are working on rather than the other body parts.

best bodybuilding tips recovery growthSLEEP LIKE HELL : 

After being regular to the gym for days with lots of weight lifting  and sweating, its time for your to relax ! Take a day off and sleep! All the soreness of muscles will come to an end on this day, sleep like hell then wake up!! Eat whole lot of meat and green veggies and protein shakes > and sleep again!! The main purpose of this day is to repair your muscles.

best bodybuilding tips recovery growth

best bodybuilding tips roids juices drugSTAY NATURAL : NO JUICY TRAPS :

There are no shortcuts to size. People who are new at bodybuilding are generally naive and have no information to this profession and the nutrition supplements involved, so they are most likely to get targeted by their trainers/coach into these banned practices of taking juices/steroids. These trainers create a false image in person’s mind of a perfect body that they aim to achieve in a very less time and effort to which one agrees being naive and doesn’t realise the real image behind it. These  practices can cause several side effects and disorders like organ failures, they can shrink your balls and can cause harm to your gonads, other side effects include skin allergies, failure of liver organ, facial hair growth, short temperedness, baldness and  much more. So be natural and be happy the way you are, the way god created you. 


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