Top 5 Bodybuilders with best tricep muscles

Top 5 Bodybuilders with best tricep muscles , mahmut irmak , roelly winklaar , eduardo correa, kevin levrone
This is the list of top 5 bodybuilders with the finest set of Tricep muscles among all the bodybuilders today. 
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5. Paul DeMayo

paul demayo, quadzilla , best triceps muscles

On our countdown of best triceps, the 5th place goes to Paul DeMayo from California, United States. He was nicknamed "Quadzilla" for the size of his quadriceps. Along with the quads the one thing which totally sets him off from other bodybuilders is the horse shoe-shaped tricep muscles he has got, they are well defined and shredded to hell !! He was raised in suburban Boston, DeMayo first competed in bodybuilding when he placed 1st in the Teenage Massachusetts State championships. His firstNational Physique Committee (NPC) event was in 1988, where he took 7th place in the NPC Junior USA heavyweight class. He took the 1st place in the NPC Nationals Championship event in 1994.His only Mr. Olympia was in 1995, where he placed 12th. DeMayo had been featured in many fitness and magazine articles, including being featured on the cover of IRON MAN magazine. 

DeMayo died on June 2, 2005 in Boston from a heroin overdose.

4. Eduardo Correa
eduardo correa ,  best tricep muscles , ifbb pro
Eduardo correa  was born in Florianopolis, Brazil, and grew up playing soccer. He is a professional bodybuilder, an IFBB pro, born on January 20 1981 standing at 5"7' the guy is totally Jacked. Eduardo correa has participated in numerous bodybuilding contests worldwide. He has got a really big triceps muscle with a well defined lateral head.

3. Mahmut Irmak

Mahmut Irmak , ifbb pro , best tricep muscles

Mahmut Irmak is a name that sends shivers down the back of bodybuilders that go up against him on stageWon standing at only 5'3  he is stacked at a shredded 165lbs!Impressive size and striations.. He has won 3x ifbb world champion title and  3x arnold classic champion title. This bodybuilder from Turkey has one of the most complete appearances on the IFBB amateur circuit. His 165lbs (75kg) weight makes him a certified ‘Giant Killer’.

He has totally dominated the IFBB amateur scene and he would be a great IFBB Pro if the judges had to judge on appearance other than just pure size. He is an IFBB pro now. His perfect definition, aesthetics and elegant posing are not matched by many. He has really great arms and the definition of the tricep muscles just adds more to his overall aesthetics.

2. Kevin Levrone

kevin levrone , the uncrowned king , best triceps muscles

Levrone ( The uncrowned king of Mr. Olympia ) was well known for taking the opposite approach to most bodybuilders of his era, and a more similar one to Arnold Schwarzenegger, where he would maintain an off-season weight 15-25 pounds lower than his competition weight and would use increased caloric intake combined with heavy training to increase weight and mass prior to competition.  Kevin Levrone has huge triceps but lacks chest development. Kevin also has big round coconut shoulders.He won the Arnold Classic two times (1994 and 1996), and came second at the Mr. Olympiacompetition four times over the span of a decade (1992, 1995, 2000 and 2002), often controversially. He has not officially announced his retirement.

1. Roelly Winklaar 

roelly winklaar ,  best triceps muscles , ifbb pro

Roelly Winklaar is the name you must have been very familiar with now. He is a very huge Bodybuilder and very famous too, having very famous Tricep muscles. His size and cutting is just awesome. He has the best triceps among the bodybuilders competing today. From last a few years he is in the search of Olympia title.His fans and lovers are sure that he can get the title.We wish a very good luck to Roelly Winklaar.
Here are some detailsof our winner -

Full Name: Egberton Rulove Etienne Winklaar 
Nick Name: Roelly
Date of Birth: June 22,1977
Birth Place: Curacao
Home Town/Residence/Location: California,United Sates of America
Height: 5'6"
Off-season Weight: 270-271 LBS
Competition/In-season/Contest Weight: 230-228 LBS
Official Website:
Occupation/Profession: IFBB Professional Bodybuilder
Martial Status: In a Relation


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